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Shibden Hall & Heritage

The Shibden Collection is expanding and available through Shibden Hall and Bankfield Museum, where many of the original paintings will be exhibited for sale from March/April throughout 2022.

All images under copyright of Jane Austin.

The Shibden Collection Giclee prints on archive paper are available in two standard mounted sizes,
20 x 16 inches and 14 x 11 inches,
square cards 6 x 6 inches and 6 x 4 inch postcards.

Just click on any image to find out more, enlarge and explore in detail.

Sixth annual solo exhibtion at All Souls Church, Halifax - September 2022.

I explored the growth of our town through the Industrial Revolution, the influence of the wealthy mill owners, growth of banking and local astounding inventions to modern times of media as part of our heritage festival.
I celebrated the legacy of Edward Akroyd, All Souls Church and Akroydon model village as an extension of current exhibition of works at Bankfield Museum.

Calderdale Museums also stock many of my local heritage prints and cards, with selected originals for sale at Bankfield Museum from March/April throughout 2022.

Other stockists of my local prints are The Yorkhire Gallery in The Piece Hall

My first ever print was a limited edition lithograph of 500 'From Beacon to Pike',
shows the expansive vista across Halifax from Beacon Hill to Studley Pike.

The original painting (from over a decade ago) took fifty six hours to complete.

Many prints remain in Halifax but several have gone to the corners of the globe.
A copy lives in the Halifax Town Hall and in our twin town of Aachen.

Only a limited number of the 500 remain, random and high numbers,
available to purchase from my local stockists.
Mounted 80.5 x 32 cms £50.00
Offered packaged in a tube for postage.

All contents copyright of Jane Austin.
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