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Plans for 2019 are underway, including a new timetable of courses at my home which you can see on the tuitions page.

It is a year of anniversary celebrations for The Churches Conservation Trust  and All Souls at Haley Hill where I will be part of the many events planned during the year in my role as 'artist in residence'. I hope to engage with the local community, gather stories and photographs from people who were married or christened in the church many years ago and run drawing workshops during the summer. The national heritage weekends in September will showcase exhibitions from the celebrations.

In July of 2019 the next hardback edition of the American watercolour series 'Splash 20' is due out and my painting of the interior of All Souls is part of the publication.

Apart from my usual business I have had three major public events in 2018.

The first was in June when I took part as a wildcard in the Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year at Studley Royal, recently shown in the new series as Episode 4. I was a wildcard last year at Knaresborough but in this episode I am interviewed with others as we battled the weather.

The filming day starts early with registration at 7am, your paper/canvas is stamped and wristband attached. A shuttle bus ferried us all a distance through the estate as the fine rain began. Before we were settled in our spot for the day  after 9am the wind had picked up to strong blustery downpours. All the wildcards struggled with many umbrellas turning inside out and broken, including mine from the off and equipment held down with every limb. Typical spirit we all battled through, having a laugh about it. Brushes, sponges and waterpots were blown into the water along with a young man's painting which was picked up by the wind, whipped over the heads of others and landed face down, to be blown to the other side of the water. My watercolour paper turned into a wet blanket and until the sun finally broke through at lunchtime I could barely keep any paint on, despite putting it under my table in the worst of the rain. My friend Sue rescued me at one point, holding everything down while I stretched my legs.
Mottled is my new style! Tai took interest in my battery powered fan which I used to attempt to dry the paper out in order to put some darker tones on before time was called. An experience to say the least.

I learnt from this experience with unpredictable weather. When I was asked by The Piece Hall in Halifax to help them celebrate the anniversary of their opening on Yorkshire Day by painting a giant watercolour of the Yorkshire rose live in the courtyard I was sure to be under a gazebo. It was a glorious day, packed with people and this time I needed the shade.

As I paint with many wet layers over a detailed drawing I had to do much of the preparation before the day to ensure a finished painting in front of the public. The size gave me many issues, eventually resorting to pasting over 6 full imperial sheets of watercolour paper to a thick MDF board. Without a frame it JUST fit into my vehicle but now framed it needs to travel by transit van, measuring 127 x 235 cms, just short of 8ft tall.

Here are a few photos showing the journey to the finished painting now on sale for £1400.00.

In September I held my second solo exhibition at All Souls 'There & Back' as part of the National Heritage Open Days, Halifax Heritage Trail and the European Year of Cultural Heritage. This year it covered two weekends and the second candlelit preview evening when the building looks even more amazing. The volunteers were brilliant in helping making it a great success, looking forward to more events next year.

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