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Coming in September a solo exhibition

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I am a watercolour artist based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Training as an illustrator I graduated with a BA(Hons) in 1986. In 1998 I made the leap to become a freelance artist, first selling through various galleries until opening my own gallery studio for three years. After which my home became my studio, where I now hold many private art courses. I also work with various groups on a regular basis, as well as giving demonstrations and workshops.

I love to paint with watercolour, no other medium can produce the effects that I love. Personally I need a good structured drawing in order to then paint freely, allowing the paint to take on a life of it's own, before gaining some control back with detail. Composition, light, colour, tone, negative spaces and texture all hold my attention in equal measure, to be balanced and tweaked in the final touches. Painting in watercolour requires planning but then allowing yourself to literally go with the flow. The subjects I paint range widely in order to capture images which inspire me. I work from sketches, colour mapping and also photography plays a large part in preparation for a painting, providing vital detail references. I am loving my painting at the moment. The majority of my work is full imperial, which allows the use of large brushes, big washes and small detail. It is a very liberating way to paint and I appear to have passed on the bug to a few others.

The majority of my works are original, though I have some prints and greeting cards. Commissions are a speciality, many being repeat custom or through recommendation. I also take on occasional illustration and mural work.

I hope that you enjoy browsing through my website, welcoming any enquiries concerning sales, commissions and tuition. I do not have automated sales by choice as I find personal contact provides a much better service. You can keep up to date with my work in progress and art classes as they happen on my public Facebook page, Jane Austin Watercolour. I have a profile with the Artists & Illustrators magazine and sell products through www.zippi.co.uk as well as a new relationship with Woodmansterne Publishing Ltd.

I have just ventured into Instagram at jane_austin_art.

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